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Get an initial rapid evaluation at your worksite by an emergency physician or provider to assess your condition.


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COVID-19 In The Workplace

Your workplace is essential to the economy. Employers are responsible for the general well-being of their employees which includes workplace exposure to COVID-19 and other infections in the workplace. Protect your employees and your business by implementing a COVID-19 plan. Your plan should include workplace entry, workplace prevention and workplace reentry.

Individual employee screenings via telemedicine

An employee who becomes ill or has an exposure to infectious disease can get an immediate screening and evaluation via telemedicine.

Workplace screening


Avoid potential outbreaks by rapid screening employees within the workplace. Antigen and antibody tests are available and can be resulted within 15 minutes. Tests will be conducted so as to not disturb the workday.

Routine screening

Workforce screenings can be conducted every 2 to 4 weeks. Routine screens are shown to decrease the amount of infectious disease spread. Routine screening also help identify asymptomatic persons who may be spreading disease. Finally, early detection of COVID-19 leads to early treatment and better recovery results.

Workforce reentry

Before returning to work, a person diagnosed with COVID-19 should be screened and tested for antibodies and the presence of SARS-Cov2 virus. Patients who are improving in health can still carry the active virus. That active virus can be spread to other employees. A simple 15 minute test can detect whether or not a patient is still sharing an active virus.

Emerge Telemedicine has been providing screenings across the country for various companies, churches and charities. Contact us at or call at 888 -855–2995 to speak to our COVID-19 support team.
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