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What is a Party Pack X?

A “party pack” refers to several different over-the-counter medications that are aimed at reducing the recovery time from the adverse effects of drinking too much alcohol. They are now produced by many different companies, and many of them are reportedly very effective at eliminating or reducing the impacts of a hangover.

What are indications that a party pack is needed?

Unfortunately, over-consumption of alcohol is not something that shows too many symptoms. Generally speaking, party packs are advised for people that know they are likely to over-indulge for a celebration or special occasion. Indications that you should have taken a party pack before starting your evening include heavy slurring of speech, loss or degradation of balance and/or motor skills, and uncommonly rude or foolish behavior.

How do party packs combat hangovers?

Adverse effects felt the day after heavy drinking is most commonly associated with dehydration that heavy drinking often causes. Other causes of hangover include depletion of one or more key nutrients or vitamins due to the diuretic effects of alcohol consumption. The party pack is filled with the most common nutrients that are depleted throughout a heavy drinking session. Other ingredients promote a reversal of the dehydration to help you recover faster than you could on your own.

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